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three years in the making...

the endangered collection is here.

because f*ck fast fashion...
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oh hey... didn't see you there.

we've been expecting you...

here are the answers to all of your questions... except 

maybe the secrets of the universe, we're still working

on that.

the first thing you should know about us...

our mission is to become the world's first real solution to fast fashion.

because you shouldn't have to spend $95 on a t-shirt because it's "sustainable"


we're founded by


because we're sick of massive corporations ruining the world.

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ethically and sustainably

made in Portugal.

human rights + sustainability + green energy + new technology = MNTN Manufacturing

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sustainability from A-Z

every product has it's own journey, and we're happy to show you

every single step from the seed going into the ground to the product

showing up on your doorstep

limited quantity to avoid waste

one of the most destructive parts of the fashion industry is the burning of unsold products, we develop MNTN products in limited batches to avoid waste products

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we're not carbon-neutral - we're climate positive 

our goal - remove two tonnes of carbon for every tonne that we produce

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an elephant dies every 15 minutes...

and that's why we're dedicating our first project to helping their conservation and protection, every collection will have a cause associated with it, and for launch 1 we're in it to help our giant tusked friends...

why elephants?

zero plastic - even our packaging is biodegradable

we hate plastic with a passion. we use zero plastic in our supply chain and utilize biodegradable mailer bags to ensure our waste is at a minimum.

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Sustainable Energy

if you're still not convinced...

leave us a message telling us why, and our CEO will write back to you with an answer.

and he knows a thing or two about MNTN...

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