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alright... so why should you buy a MNTN shirt?

the no BS reasons we know you won't regret it
you're supporting elephant conservation efforts in Thailand. One of the most vulnerable animals on Earth.
this is legitimately one of the most sustainable t-shirts in the world. we're offsetting twice as much carbon as we produce, and there are almost 7 plastic water bottles worth of plastic in our recycled polyester
made in Portugal using the highest quality cotton we could get our hands-on. (we spent 3 years sampling to find this fabric)
every purchase helps us drive future prices down, and continue our fight against fast fashion. by supporting us, it's a giant f*ck you to fast fashion.
you're supporting a small business run by young environmentalists on a mission to change the world

so what do you get?

our 100% sustainable shirt.




two MNTN stickers

two stainless steel reusable straws

the world's most sustainable packaging solution

the art

why a dead elephant?

it's a conversation starter and an unfortunate, but real potential reality.

there are only 30,000 Asian elephants left, and an African elephant is poached every 15 minutes.

MNTN is committed to building a better world, our first goal: contribute to the conservation and safety of elephant populations worldwide.

it won't happen overnight, but by wearing our symbol, not only have you supported our fight financially, but you've supported our mission by spreading the word.


everything you need to know

our returns are done on a case by case basis because everybody has different problems. we're here to help in any way possible and have no fear if you're unhappy with the product, there's a defect, or something is wrong.
given how environmentally unfriendly returns are, we want to try our best to limit them due to sizing issues. please please please take a good look at the size chart below, and the model photos to get an idea of your fit.
this collection is a unisex fit, we've tailored the best of both worlds to ensure a good fit for both men and women. this is a slightly slimmer fit for men, so take a look at our sizing chart and comparison brands.

please please please 

for the sake of drastically reducing carbon emitted by sizing related returns

why "tyke"

a tribute and reminder of one of the most tragic stories of elephant mistreatment

Tyke was a female African bush elephant captured as a baby in Mozambique in 1973 and shipped to the United States, where she became the property of the Hawthorn Corporation

"the elephant handler was observed beating the single-tusk African elephant in public to the point where the elephant was screaming and bending down on three legs to avoid being hit. even when the handler walked by the elephant after this, the elephant screamed and veered away, demonstrating fear from his presence." - this is the kind of abuse that circus elephants are subjected to, and why we fight against them on a daily basis.

after escaping the circus, on August 20 1994 she was shot 87 times whilst on the streets of Honolulu, Hawaii and she died of her injuries.

this collection is in tribute and memory of Tyke and will allow us to continue to fight for elephant conservation and the relocation of circus elephants to sanctuaries in Thailand.