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the endangered collection

introducing part one of
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who are we?

and why is MNTN different

founded in 2018 with a mission to create the world's most sustainable lifestyle brand, we've been busy at work sourcing the world's most sustainable materials, backing non-profit organizations, and building the framework for the MNTN Foundation.

all of our products are organic, vegan, fairtrade, natural, sustainable, or made with naturally occurring textiles.

we created MNTN with one mission - change the world. with every purchase, you directly contribute to our various non-profit projects around the world.  

the conversation starter of the century

yes, it's a dead elephant.


an elephant dies every 15 minutes*

we have less than 10 years to save the elephants or our graphic will be the reality we'll be forced to live with every day.

our mission is to support a project to acquire land in Thailand which will serve as an extension to an existing elephant sanctuary responsible for saving dozens of elephants.

and we're not okay with that.
(according to data from wildlife alliance)
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  1. lightweight, organic, and sustainably sourced cotton.

  2. manufactured in the USA using fair trade labor laws. (we're a people over profit company).

  3. dyed using environmentally friendly dyes.

  4. minimal water usage throughout manufacturing (biggest issue in the clothing industry)

  5. made and printed in the USA

  6. every product we release is limited edition to avoid waste

why our products are unique

planet over profit. always.

consumerism and corporate greed are destroying our world. 

our goal is simple - deliver high quality, sustainable products that not only look good, feel amazing, and last forever, but allow us the opportunity to fund projects around the world.


we're not here to line our pockets, we're here to change the world. 

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why you should buy a MNTN product right this second with zero hesitation...

  1. your purchase supports our project to buy land to expand an elephant sanctuary in thailand
  2. your purchase supports the MNTN Foundation in our fight to create a new movement in green business
  3. contribute to our tree planting fund
  4. contribute to our ocean clean-up fund
  5. contribute to our green energy fund
  6. free shipping north america wide
  7. look f*cking good.
(or at least a few good reasons)