join the team that is changing business as we know it

planet over profit. always.

consumerism and corporate greed are destroying our world. 

our goal is simple - deliver high quality, sustainable products that not only look good, feel amazing, and last forever, but allow us the opportunity to fund projects around the world.


we're not here to line our pockets, we're here to change the world. 

why join our influencer team?

travel the world with our content creation team*

build your following with our data science-driven giveaway programs*

exclusive access to MNTN parties, launch events, and photo shoots in dozens of cities around the world.

support tree planting, animal conservation, ocean cleanups, humanitarian projects, and green energy with every post

become a global fashion designer overnight! submit your ideas, designs, or concepts and get paid with every sale

our influencers are the first ones to hear about job opportunities, internships, and content creation contracts

receive free products as often as every week!

all of our influencer deals are month to month, if you no longer want to work with us, no problem! If you want to stay on board then you'll keep receiving products as we release them

we'll promote your profile, blog, youtube, or website to our e-mail list, social media followers, and on our website.

be a part of our pitch to Netflix, our goal is to showcase sustainability and the most amazing places on earth

with new investment in MNTN Media, our goal is to shoot 300+ videos in 50+ countries this year. come along for the ride!

exclusive offers and gifts from our partners as we continue to expand the MNTN network.

everything you need to know.


how it works

the MNTN influencer program

 once the initial agreement is signed you're on the team for as long as you'd like!


you have the option to sign for one cycle, or indefinitely. if you decide to join the influencer program indefinitely, you'll receive products every month (or as often as every week once we get to scale).

prior to shipment, you'll receive an email from our influencer coordinator giving you a breakdown of what we're sending and the content we'd be asking you to create that month. if you're interested we'll send the products your way!

if at any time you no longer want to be on the team or create content with MNTN simply reach out to our influencer coordinator and we'll close your agreement.

what we need

and how it works

using data and data analysis from social media studies at Harvard University we've designed a program that will maximize our engagement, your engagement, and offer you the maximum growth in your own following by leveraging our consistent giveaway programs.

for example - in February we're giving away a trip to Thailand to visit the elephant sanctuary we're working with.


according to our data, by offering your followers the opportunity to win a trip across the world as well as a $500 MNTN apparel package via post shares, tagging people, and engaging with your content, you'll see follower growth, engagement growth, and follower loyalty increase.

the biggest issue with giveaways is the loss of followers shortly after (within 2-4 weeks of the draw) we've solved this issue by starting the next giveaway as soon as we draw the initial. by joining the MNTN influencer program you'll have the ability to utilize tens of thousands of dollars in giveaway incentives.

you'll receive everything we're including in each launch, for example:

launch 1: elephant shirt, stainless steel reusable straw, MNTN stickers, shipped in our beautiful MNTN compostable mailer bag


travel opportunities

and how you can get in on them

the vision behind the MNTN Foundation and MNTN Media is to showcase the amazing planet we live on. our mission is to shoot in every country on Earth and show the beauty of human culture.


we'll be looking for a support team on every single trip. we want to get you in front of the camera, in the idea room, and spreading the message.


the longer you're in the influencer program, the more trip opportunities will be sent your way. consider it your way to potentially get trips for free every single year.


our first MNTN Media trip this year will happen from June-August 2020 and with 50+ cities on the agenda, you don't want to miss it!

the fabric

what makes a shirt "sustainable"

the clothing industry is one of the most destructive industries in the world. hundreds of clothing brands around the world have proudly positioned themselves as "fast fashion brands", dumping thousands of pounds of destructive wastewater, excess dyes, and burning unused textiles releasing toxic gasses into the atmosphere.

we source our products from manufacturing facilities that support fairtrade laws, monitor water usage, and only use eco-friendly dyes with our graphics.

our organic cotton blend is soft, top tier quality, and sustainable. as a people over profit company, we'll gladly cut our profit margins to ensure you not only get the best product available but that our planet is taken care of for future generations.

Image by Trisha Downing

photoshoots, parties, & launch events 


need content? it's on us.

with the launch of every new collection, we'll be shooting thousands of photos for the website, Instagram and other social channels.


we'll be setting up photoshoots in cities around the world and we want you to come down for the shoot! shoot in some MNTN gear and bring any other outfits you want to get shot in - we don't mind.


along with shoots, we'll be throwing some crazy parties at the conclusion of each launch. come out as a VIP and let us treat you for the evening.


last but not least, we'll be having launch events at some of the coolest venues around the world. bring a friend and come along for an all you can eat/drink evening of celebration!