our influencer team is the engine behind the MNTN movement

a movement doesn't get started by itself.

why join our influencer team?

travel the world with our content creation team*

build your following with our data science-driven giveaway programs*

exclusive access to MNTN parties, launch events, and photo shoots in dozens of cities around the world.

support tree planting, animal conservation, ocean cleanups, humanitarian projects, and green energy with every post

become a global fashion designer overnight! submit your ideas, designs, or concepts and get paid with every sale

our influencers are the first ones to hear about job opportunities, internships, and content creation contracts

why work with us?

MNTN is a company built on human connection. social networks are the most powerful tool in the history of humankind when it comes to connecting people from around the world. simply by sharing, liking, commenting, or telling your friends about MNTN, it allows us to spread our message far and wide. we're very open about it - we need you.

by simply posting a photo you'll not only receive all of the above benefits, but you'll also be helping us make a difference. it's not easy being one of the world's first "planet over profit" companies, it means that our costs are significantly higher for everything we do, but we don't pass those higher costs along to you (because affordability is super super important to us). by joining our influencer team you help us spread the word and create a new movement in business and in environmentalism.


quite literally you're helping us save the world.

if you have any specific questions, either use our friendly chatbot or contact our influencer team lead Lucas at lucas@mntn.co