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Project PLNT


connecting influencers with sustainable brands for the sake of the planet

paid influencer opportunities delivered to your inbox from amazing sustainable brands it's a win-win for everyone...

so how does it work?

step by step breakdown
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step 1 - give a sh*t about the environment

we vet and select every brand in the program to ensure they are as sustainable as they can be, if you're not interested in the environment this won't be a great fit for anybody 

step 2 - fill out our form

this form gives us all of the information we need to pair you with the best influencer opportunities relevant to what you actually want to work on, it's also a great way for us to get to know you a little bit!
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step 3 - we'll connect you with brands

we've built a huge database of requests from sustainable brands looking for influencers, we're simply the middle man in connecting amazing brands with amazing influencers
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step 4 - let us know if you're interested

we'll reach out if we think a campaign is a good fit, but there are zero obligations, so you can always pass on a project, no pressure here.

step 5 - get paid, build your content, and let's rock and roll

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step 6 - repeat.

if you're happy and want to hop on more projects, then let us know and we'll find you more leads, it's that easy!
if it's a go then let the campaign begin! we're here to assist through the entire process and act as an escrow service to ensure you get paid.
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questions? we've got nothing to hide

get in touch at

if you've got a question then we've got an answer - guaranteed
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