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Project PLNT


an alliance of sustainable companies and brands for the betterment of our planet.

join our alliance for access to sustainable influencers, brand partnerships, sustainable networking events, and to harness the power of our shared platforms

( the video we show potential influencers)

perks for brands



an alliance of likeminded brands (and people) here to help your business

sustainable influencers

access our network of 500+ influencers specifically vetted for sustainability
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partner campaigns

split marketing costs with other sustainable brands in your market, building partner campaigns is a great way to expand your reach

free to join

there are no upfront costs involved with
joining the Project PLNT alliance
we share and promote the brands in our alliance on our various platforms

media campaigns

by joining our alliance you receive the credibility of being a Project PLNT member


so how does it work?

step by step breakdown
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step 1 - give a sh*t about the environment

we vet and select every brand, influencer, or partnership we make available to the members of our alliance, your business has to have some form of environmental initiative or policy in order to qualify 

step 2 - fill out our form

this form gives us all of the information we need to pair you with the best opportunities relevant to your business, it's also a great way for us to get to know you a little bit!
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step 3 - we'll connect you with opportunities

we've built a huge database of requests from sustainable influencers looking to promote great products, we're simply the middle man in connecting amazing brands with amazing influencers and other networking opportunities
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step 4 - let us know if you're interested

we'll reach out if we think a campaign is a good fit, but there are zero obligations, so you can always pass on a project, no pressure here.

step 5 - roll out a campaign, partnership, or event

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we're here to help and facilitate influencer connections, brand partnerships, and networking events, if you're ready to pull the trigger than we're here to help! 

step 6 - repeat.

if you're happy and want to hop on more projects, then let us know and we'll find you more leads, it's that easy!
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you'll also have this cool badge for your site to showcase you care about the world

some of our friends so far...

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questions? we've got nothing to hide

get in touch with Kyle, our head of brand partnerships



or the Project PLNT team at

if you've got a question then we've got an answer - guaranteed
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Kyle Coffin
Head of Brand Partnerships @ MNTN