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pre-order special:

$24.99 + free shipping*

- free two-day shipping in North America.

- flat rate international shipping.

what's special about our product?

- your purchase supports elephant conservation.

your purchase will either feed an elephant in need for a week, or contribute to our bid to buy land.

beautiful biodegradable and sustainable packaging that is 100% instaworthy.

- no plastic or unnecessary waste ever.

designed using sustainable textiles, dyes, and a low water eco-friendly manufacturing process.

- limited edition product all of our products are manufactured in limited batches to prevent waste.

- our previous launches have sold out in 24-48 hours.

product 1 out 10 in the endangered collection

expected delivery - 30 days

expected delivery - 30 days

so what do you get?

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our 100% sustainable shirt.





two MNTN stickers

two stainless steel reusable straws

the world's most sustainable packaging solution

what makes a shirt "sustainable"

the fabric

the art

why a dead elephant?

it's a conversation starter and an unfortunate, but real potential reality.

there are only 30,000 Asian elephants left, and an African elephant is poached every 15 minutes.

MNTN is committed to building a better world, our first goal: contribute to the conservation and safety of elephant populations worldwide.

it won't happen overnight, but by wearing our symbol, not only have you supported our fight financially, but you've supported our mission by spreading the word.

expected delivery - 30 days

the clothing industry is one of the most destructive industries in the world. hundreds of clothing brands around the world have proudly positioned themselves as "fast fashion brands", dumping thousands of pounds of destructive wastewater, excess dyes, and burning unused textiles releasing toxic gasses into the atmosphere.

we source our products from manufacturing facilities that support fairtrade laws, monitor water usage, and only use eco-friendly dyes with our graphics.

our organic cotton blend is soft, top tier quality, and sustainable. as a people over profit company, we'll gladly cut our profit margins to ensure you not only get the best product available but that our planet is taken care of for future generations.

Image by Trisha Downing

expected delivery - 30 days

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sizing and returns

what you need to know


- we have a 30 day 100% money-back guarantee on issues with your order. if your product has any defects, quality issues, or graphic errors please reach out to support@mntn.co and we'll either replace your product, or issue you a refund. please see the return policy in the footer for the full details


- this collection is unisex, please see the below model collection to find your size. 

- the shirt is cut to fit slightly slimmer to allow you the full feel of the fabric.

- in the future, we plan on releasing both women's and men's products, but for the sake of minimizing waste, this launch is designed to fit every body type.

expected delivery - 30 days

why jumbo?

the elephant so famous that he became an adjective.

while the elephant on our shirt isn't Jumbo, we've chosen to honor the famous elephant for a number of reasons...

Jumbo was a famous circus elephant who toured with P.T Barnum and his world-famous circus in the 1880s.

The giant elephant's name has spawned the common word, "jumbo," meaning large in size, including phrases like "jumbo jet", "jumbo shrimp," "jumbo marshmallows," and "jumbotron.

we've chosen to honor jumbo by naming our first product in the endangered collection after him due to the effect his fame had on elephant conservation to this very day.

in 1882 over 100,000 people in London protested the sale of Jumbo to P.T Barnum from the London Zoo. while some disagree, many historians say this is the first mass example of an animal rights protest in history.

Jumbo's fame started a conversation about elephant conservation that to this day continues all around the world, and for that, we're incredibly thankful.

Jumbo is also the first major example of an elephant being outwardly exploited for money. The circus industry has stolen, killed, and exploited elephants for over 100 years, still to this day we're fighting exploitation, and we can't think of a better elephant to honor in that fight with every single purchase supporting a distant ancestor of the beloved Jumbo.

expected delivery - 30 days