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how are your shirts sustainable?

well... allow us to show you

step 1: our cotton

our cotton falls within the top 1% of all organic cotton in the world in regards to quality, sustainability, and low water usage.


it is fully traceable meaning we can see the entire timeline, process, and report of how it was grown.


our manufacturing partners only work with cotton farmers that pay a fair and livable wage, and provide us with complete financial transparency in regards to their salaries, quality of life, and opportunities provided.

Porto Historical Houses

step 2: location, location, location

our cotton is grown within 100km of the mill that processes it, turns it into our textiles, and passes it along to our dye house. This allows us to maintain incredibly low CO2 emissions through this process. Further allowing for sustainable practices and manufacturing

step 3: the most advanced dying process in Europe.

our dye house holds over a dozen environmental and human rights certifications. They also use some of the most advanced technology in the industry that allows for our dying process to use 1/10th of the dye that the process traditionally entails.

this water is then treated on site for 30 days and then fed back into the agricultural water system (literally where our cotton is grown) keeping the water cycle consistent and producing almost zero untreatable waste water.

our dye house even has holding tanks to capture steam that is naturally produced in the dying process, it is then converted back into electricity to run the wastewater treatment facility.

step 4: cut and sew

our products are then cut and sewn at an award-winning facility whose number one priority is the quality of life for their staff. A two hour lunch, on-site kitchen and dining, and one of the most pristine facilities in Europe are just a few of the highlights we're proud of.

step 5: our distribution network

we utilize a data-driven delivery process that allows us to put our product as close to our customers as possible, minimizing travel emissions and maximizing delivery speed. our goal is to move our product as sustainably as possible and then minimize the shipping distance to you.

we strictly use the most sustainable transport methods on our product lines such as trains, boats, and low emission trucking.

when the entire MNTN logistics system is complete, we will have our product in almost two dozen facilities around the world that specialize in sustainable shipping practices

step 6: 100% biodegradable mailer bags

there is zero plastic in the MNTN manufacturing process (other than our amazing recycled polyester from plastic bottles), and that includes our mailer bags.

These cornstarch mailer bags are strong, stylish, and allow for minimum environmental impact.

every collection is going to have a new design (because we do everything in smaller quantities we can do this). the theme of this mailer is psychedelic and Woodstock inspired. 100% insta worthy we promise.

what about back in North America?

our future sustainability plans and goals

if you're interested...

1: a naturally carbon positive supply chain

what does this mean? basically, we want our manufacturing facilities and processes to create more green energy than they use. by installing solar panels, wind turbines, and steam capturing systems throughout our supply chain, each MNTN product will actually be putting green energy back into the grid. (yes...it's a little more complicated than that, but that's the cliff notes version)

2: college campus programs to eliminate shipping emissions

we're pretty popular on college campuses across the country (which we absolutely love btw), and we're looking into a way where we can build a network of college ambassadors so if you order on campus, you can simply walk on over to the school store or to the ambassadors dorm and pick up your product. No shipping, no wait time, no emissions 

3: 100% biodegradeable clothing

we're in R & D right now for a 100% biodegradable yarn that would allow for the world's first true biodegradable collection. we're a little bit away from this, but it's something we're incredibly passionate about and we know we'll be the first to market

4: reusable mailer bags

a mailer bag that can be used hundreds of times, simply drop it in a mailbox after you receive your products and we'll take care of the rest!

5: a subscription box that donates 100% of the proceeds

imagine getting new sustainable clothes, accessories, and products delivered to your door every single month, but more importantly, imagine having the opportunity to sponsor a child's education, feed an elephant, or plant 100 trees every single month and also get awesome products. 

we literally have a google doc with 150+ more ideas but we won't waste any more of your time. thank you for caring <3