the MNTN story

who the heck are we?

MNTN was founded in 2018 with one mission in mind - to build the world's most sustainable lifestyle brand. 

since then we've been developing a planet over profit business model with the environment, animals, and the death of corporate greed at the forefront.


we're not here to line our own pockets, we're here to deliver high-quality products that not only look good, feel good, and change the world, but create a new form of global capitalism that takes every environmental factor into consideration. 


we're a global brand with the goal of uniting people around the world. under the ideology that we're all human beings no matter what color, nationality, ethnicity, or belief system.


the world is full of hatred and we hope to break boundaries, educate people, and destroy ignorance around the world through our products, media, and shared experiences.

thank you for supporting our mission and we hope that you enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them.

the vision

and why we need your help

our vision is to create a lifestyle brand that not only clothes you head to toe but is a part of your life beyond the closet.

consumerism will never die and that's a reality of human nature. our solution is to deliver the cleanest, most sustainable, products possible that minimize the impact of consumeristic culture.


with the slow but steady demise of fast fashion, MNTN strives to be the replacement that not only delivers to a higher standard, but delivers to a more sustainable standard at affordable prices.


MNTN will also expand into other industries including MNTN Media (coming in 2020) a studio dedicated to delivering content that educates people on the beauty of human culture. our goal is to showcase every country on earth to prove how similar we all truly are and fight prejudice and ignorance worldwide.


with every purchase of a MNTN product, you fund this vision.


you fund a vision and a mission for a more equal, sustainable, clean, safe, and opportunistic future.